Where are we going?

4th December 2016

Our plans are to travel around the UK and some of the countries in Europe.


Our first trip is in the planning stages and we will be going to Spain for February and March 2017. Taking the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao and afterwards a route around Madrid to the south coast, then making our way up the eastern side eventually turning inland to catch the ferry home again .

spain-mapWe hope to enjoy warmer temperatures, different countryside, wildlife and birds, experience new foods, see historic architecture, beautiful beaches, fabulous sunsets etc, etc ……

We thought it would be good to look back on where we went and what we did along the way, things we found of  interest, beautiful locations, people and places.

This Blog will be our way of keeping our family and friends in touch with where we are traveling to, and what we see and do along the way.

Check out our pages and get regular emails to keep up to date. Please keep in contact with us too, you can leave a message below.

There is also a facility to contact us from this site   Use the Contact Tab at the top of this page to email us directly.


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