New Beginnings ….

cropped-20141130_161859.jpg22nd November 2016

Our dreams of retirement will finally be a reality from 2017 onwards. With a combined total of 85 years of work between us, we can honestly say that we have worked for long enough. Years of saving everything we could and discussing what we would like to do have formulated many ideas.

With our love of traveling to far flung places across the world, two week holidays have been the norm.  We love exotic locations and the wildlife so destinations to countries such as India, Galapagos Islands, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tobago and Singapore, have ensured we were excited and saw iconic places and many new species.

We have also enjoyed quieter holidays with walking, historic buildings, vineyards and great food closer to home in locations such as Spain, Tuscany, Greek Islands, Madeira, Canary Islands and Switzerland.

Our love is of warmth and sunshine, intensely disliking the cold, windy, wet weather of a British winter. We want to escape to a location with hopefully warmer weather and other things besides. Our search has resulted in what we were looking for, a huge beast of a motorhome to drive away into the sunset and start the next chapter of our lives together.



One thought on “New Beginnings ….

  1. Loved the latest blog and photos of Torrox and Nerja, which of course John and I know so well. Can’t wait to be back in Nerja in May.


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