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Bessie – Bessacarr, June 2017 …..

An unplanned series of events has lead us to change our motorhome sooner than planned. The idea was to investigate a shorter vehicle to change to in a few years time.  On our way home from Devon in May we stopped off at Chelston Motorhomes in Wellington, Somerset to look for a model we had researched.  Having looked around and weighed up various pros and cons, we eventually moved away from our previous ideas and instead of moving on ourselves, we continued looking, it was like kids in a sweet shop!

A Bessacarr took our attention and although the plan was only to look, we ended up ‘doing a deal’ and we were suddenly grinning like Cheshire cats 😆


We unimaginatively nicknamed her ‘Bessie’, and took delivery in mid June, stopping for one free night at the dealership to test everything out and then moved on to Glastonbury for a a further night.  She is crucially shorter in length and at only 7.04m long she is easier to manoeuvre and position on a pitch. Her lighter weight at just 3.5 tons and a Low Profile model will also make fuel economy more efficient.

She has a pale coloured, modern interior with plenty of light coming through big windows. A well equipped kitchen with full cooker, grill, 3 gas rings and one electric, microwave, large fridge and good sized freezer section, this means we can continue to enjoy cooking while travelling. There is a dedicated shower room with great facilities that is  light and has plenty of floor space to move around comfortably. With access to two separate wardrobes and a small set of drawers there is also plenty storage for shoes and boots too.


The front seats swivel to face the two long comfortable side seats giving plenty of space for daytime relaxing and a wall mounted TV for evening entertainment.  Having moved away from a dedicated bedroom to get a shorter vehicle, we have been very pleased with the seating that quickly and easily converts into a large double bed, or two separate single beds if required, both with ample storage beneath. Add to that, the dedicated bedding called Duvalays, that have a memory foam mattress contained within purpose made cotton covers zipped to the quilts which throw over you as in a regular bed, we are ‘snug as bugs in a rug’. The bed is made in 3 minutes, while storing under the seating during the day means no clutter either.


As you can tell, we know we made a good decision to change our motorhome sooner rather than later. We gained valuable and lengthy experience with 7 weeks travelling around Spain in Della,  but it was time to let someone else enjoy her.  The things we learned will enable us to keep our dreams of adventure going for many more years with Bessie as our means of transport and mobile home.




We retired at last and 2017 is the start of our next chapter. We now have a home on wheels in which to travel around Europe, follow the sun and whatever else takes our fancy.

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